Action Brackets for Warped Young Change Weber Pianos

I just replaced the action brackets on a weber grand from 1990’s. As mentioned before in MPT convention it was discovered that the action brackets were swelling due to a poor alloy mixture during the manufacturing process. and you can not regulate that out of it. By advice from MPT Pres. Jack Hamiliton, I called Young Chang and they confirmed the serial number and sent me brackets free. If you come to a grand piano from young chang or weber from the 90’s with out of wack weird regulation, before you regulate the heck out of the piano, check with mfg to see if the brackets are at fault. The alloy was mixed wrong and it causes swelling over time. This knowledge saved me hours of work and the job paid very well. I took video of my entire process which included relocating screws for the center brackets on the action frame (which took the longest of the steps in the process) I will try to post some video on our blog later.

This piano was checking so bad and the jacks were not lined up at all. In fact, it looked like someone messed up the entire regulation but the customer had no previous action work done and was the only owner. Warping of this kind is such a freak type that many techs can’t even believe it but it is true. This knowledge was discovered and shared at an MPT convention in past years. When you encounter a problem and can not see the solution, you can inquire with MPT members and network to find a quick and solid answer. This is one great reason to be affiliated with MPT, the things you learn and can accomplish are so much greater in a group of such skilled and accomplished technicians.

Once the new brackets were installed, I had to regulate the basics and the piano plays great now. I admit it was a bit scary to me as a young technician to undertake this project for my customer but I have the backing of the greatest techs in the country with the MPT.

Thanks to Jack Hamilton who had the knowledge right away and shared it with me so that I could accomplish this job.