Re-stringing a Steinway

Today I worked with Tim on a Steinway at BHA.  It was a hands on restring of a Steinway grand.  Had a great time.  We put on a new set of bass strings and then did the initial tunings.   I did a restring with Jack in the beginning and that is when I started in on my piano tech learning.  Today it was more hands on and I learned a ton doing this job.  It helps in this field to get you experience next to techs who have high skill level and I was able to take the time to perfect winding and making very nice coils.  I’ll post some picts later.

This Steinway got over-sized pins and new key tops.

If you have a nice piano and it sounds dead in the bass, you may consider a re-string of the bass section.  This will make the piano sound amazing compared to old tubby bass strings.