Springboro Expo and Piano Tuning Care

We were at the Springboro Expo this past weekend with a booth to raise awareness for piano tuning in Springboro and to teach people about proper care of their piano.  We had a great time and were able to meet many new customers.  Many people wait too long to have their piano tuned and repaired because they do not know a trusted technician or they have the false idea that it will cost $500 to tune their piano.  A regular tuning is only around 95.00 and can be done in a little over an hour.  But if you wait for years and allow your piano to sink in pitch, you will have to get more attention to get your piano back up to pitch and it takes several tuning to get it to hold there.  In other words, it is just better to have regular tunings and keep your piano healthy.  If something like a key is sticking then it can usually be easily fixed during a tuning for a minimal fee.  Don’t be afraid to take care of your piano.  If you have fears, call me to discuss your needs.  I met a pastor that thought it would cost $500 to tune the church piano so he waited over 5 years to have it tuned!