Welcome to Apex Piano

Welcome! I am a Certified Master Piano Technician in Nashville Tennessee specializing in piano tuning, hammer voicing, regulation, and repairs of all types of pianos (grand, upright, spinets).  When you are ready to schedule your first appointment it’s quick and easy to book an appointment online! or you can text me directly with any questions at 615-926-2491

How Long Does It Take To Tune A Piano?

  • A typical standard tuning takes about 1 hour. Each appointment is booked in 1 Hour 15 min blocks.

Can You Fix My Sticking Key?

  • Absolutely! Most are simple and can be fixed at the first tuning. If it’s something larger, I’ll do a full evaluation of the piano and provide an estimate for repairs.

How Often Should I Have My Piano Tuned?

  • Tuning stability happens over time with consistency. It is generally recommended that you tune your piano at least once per year or with every major season change. For high use recording or live performances, the piano will be tuned much more often… sometimes every week or before every recording session.

Why Should I Choose You To Tune My Piano?

  • That’s a great question. First, I have over 15 years experience as a Certified Master Piano Technician. I have a BA in Music Education from Wright State University and currently train piano technicians around the world through the APTN mentorship program.
  • My company, Apex Piano, services over 3,000 happy and repeat clients and has received over 75 5-Star Ratings on Google and Facebook, making us one of the highest rated piano companies in Nashville Tennessee.
  • I tune every month for the studios at MTSU and for many Nashville artists and do service tech work for dealership including Lane Music of Brentwood.
  • Yes, I do repairs (simple and complex) and I will always provide a fair estimate and explain everything before any work is performed.
  • Want to know more about me? You can read my full story on the About Page.

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