Tuning Cost

We like you to know exactly what you will pay up front.

We hate the idea of using a low quote price to get in the door and then pressure you for more money… it’s just awkward.  Our services below include everything listed and we offer a line by line written condition report with clear estimates for any additional work we feel would be helpful to improve your piano beyond tuning.  We also never pressure you into something you don’t understand and we provide PDF downloads so you can think about it and make an educated decision based on your musical needs.  We also offer you sweet rewards if you tune your piano consistently and we send you post card reminders and emails to keep you on track.  Do you have questions? Let me know.

Yearly Tuning  – $225

I will tune you piano and I inspect everything inside your piano and provide you with a written condition report.  This condition report will help you understand the current condition of your piano and includes quotes and suggestions for the future care of your piano. (Yearly tuning price does not include repairs or major pitch raises)   Save $10 and book online right now!

6 Month Tuning – $150

Consistent tunings over time creates a wonderfully stable and great sounding piano!  Get a $75 savings every time you tune your piano within 6 months from your last tuning.  (Not valid with other discounts and coupons, must be within 6 months from your last tuning with Apex, and does not include pitch raise/lower or additional repairs if needed.)  Book Online Today!

Why such a sweet reward?

  • It’s better for your piano!
  • It’s better for your ear!
  • It’s easier on us!

*Ask about Studio and Artist Discounts if you plan to tuning 3-4 times per year.

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