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I am currently tuning and maintaining both grand pianos in the recording program at MTSU.  #nashvillepiano #pianotuning #MTSU#recordingstudio #apexpiano

Proudly serving MTSU with piano tuning for the recording study program!
Eric Michael Roberts, Master Piano Technician


Piano Tuning for Harry Connick Jr. at the FRAZE

I had the opportunity to tune for Harry Connick Jr. last week at the FRAZE.  I tuned his personal Steinway which has a really cool wrap on the case that makes it look like stone when combined with the stage lights.  Emily and I got to hang out back stage and enjoyed the concert.

Take a listen to the piano and the genius playing of Harry Connick Jr.


Re-stringing a Steinway

Today I worked with Tim on a Steinway at BHA.  It was a hands on restring of a Steinway grand.  Had a great time.  We put on a new set of bass strings and then did the initial tunings.   I did a restring with Jack in the beginning and that is when I started in on my piano tech learning.  Today it was more hands on and I learned a ton doing this job.  It helps in this field to get you experience next to techs who have high skill level and I was able to take the time to perfect winding and making very nice coils.  I’ll post some picts later.

This Steinway got over-sized pins and new key tops.

If you have a nice piano and it sounds dead in the bass, you may consider a re-string of the bass section.  This will make the piano sound amazing compared to old tubby bass strings.

Accepted into the Master Piano Technicians

I was sponsored into the MPT by my personal mentor, Jack Hamilton,  in 2009 and finalized my induction into the Master Piano Technicians at the 2010 Convention at Myrtle Beach. 3 other techs were accepted this year.

I was also elected Web Master for the MPT to help them with their national sites and to help use modern web media to strengthen the orginization.

MPT is dedicated to piano technicians helping them network, train and grow to be the best in the industry.

Pictures and details about MPT can be found at our new facebook page


Randy Potter School of Piano Technology

I have completed the Randy Potter School of Piano Technology and am putting the training to good use.  I will be attending the Master Piano Technicians Convention this summer.  I joined the MPT several months ago and was sponsored by Jack Hamilton.   Getting the hands on training is so important to what I have learned so far and working with Tim Upton and Jack Hamilton has given me a great advantage as I learn the craft.


I started a semi-apprenticeship in rebuilding with Tim Upton two weeks ago.  Right now I am working on a grand action.  Started by sanding and reshaping hammers and then voiced them up a bit to bring some power back to the piano.  It has a beautiful finish now, it is a 1927 Howard Grand make by Baldwin grand.  We will move on to more regulation this week.  I am about to watch the 37 steps to regulation from the Yamaha  technician the Jack gave me yesterday.  I will post some pics of the hammers later.  We also added a new green hammer rail felt.

Studying to become a Master Piano Technician

I am studying to become a master piano technician with Randy Potter through his school for piano.  Things are going great and I have a local mentor, Jack Hamilton.  With his experience and help I now have the ability to offer many services even if I do not do that specific work on the instrument at the current time. For any job, let me know what you may need.  I will become a RPT through the Piano Technicians Guild very soon.